Badass Monster Killer


Indie Horror Films Blog — 7/20/2017

There is a lot of good writing and fine Dolemite-like moments.

Richard Gary

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Horror Society — 2/2/2017

The acting in this one is b-movie gold. [...] We get the nitty gritty of what made Blaxploitation films so fun.


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Beneath the Underground — 9/25/2016

This is the kind of film we need more of.

Jim Morazzini

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Tony Reviews BMK — 6/20/2016

Completely, ridiculously awesome!


Thanks, Tony!

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Horror Pack — June 2016

Limited edition Blu-ray of Badass Monster Killer!

Horror Freak News — 5/27/2016

It’s absolutely crammed full of insane vocal exchanges, copious amounts of nudity and some goofy monster getups. Some of, if not all of those things are going to turn a number of viewers off.

Matt Molgaard

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Saturday B-Movie Reel — 3/24/2016

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Movies Galore of Milwaukee and Beyond — 3/19/2016

I’d give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating and thoroughly enjoyed the film. I recommend for all those interested in Lovecraft inspired films. You just have to see it to believe everything that goes on. I give immense credit to the creatures effects guy.

David Strege

Read online — 12/02/2015

Badass Monster Killer can be seen as a loving homage to the 70's Blaxploitation era, but more accurately it is should be seen as a nod to the sub-genre within it...

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Sacramento News & Review — 11/26/2015

With its latest flick, the Trash Film Orgy crew gets supernatural and superfly

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Outword Magazine — 11/26/2015

On Dec. 3 Ramsey returns to Sacramento for the world premiere of TFO Productions’ Badass Monster Killer

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FOX40 — 11/24/2015

"Badass Monster Killer," a film filmed only in Sacramento, will have their world premiere on December 3 at the Esquire Imax. Christy Savage (producer/director of photography) and Darin Wood (writer/director) are in the studio with Christianne to talk about the film.

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SubMerge Magazine — 11/23/2015

Pitched as a hybrid meeting of Shaft and H.P Lovecraft, the film not only meets these expectations, but bursts gleefully (and gorily) through them from one over-the-top scene to another.

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Pat Walsh (KFBK) — 11/13/2015

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MAS Magazine — 11/11/2015

Why we need BADASS MONSTER KILLER in our lives!

Oscar Benjamin

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